Beaches and Islands

Sogod Beach – in Bacaycay it’s adjacent to the highway and is popular for its white sand enclaves.

Buhatan Beach – in Santo Domingo are the remains of a Spanish Galleon five fathoms deep in clear water. Scuba divers can explore the wreck, though its relics are now kept at the National Museum in Manila.

Cagraray Island – off the east coast of Albay, it offers many pristine white sand beaches.

Batan Island – in the same area, it’s a sanctuary for many types of wildlife including monkeys, hornbills, mallards and huge pigeons.

San Lorenzo Beach – commands a panoramic view of Tabaco Bay and the bucolic San Miguel Island.

Putsan Beach – has black volcanic sands and its local people produce beautiful pottery using ancient methods.

Kilayukay Beach – echoes the South Pacific islands.

Ilologan Beach – excellent for skindiving and fishing it has a long stretch of coral sands.

Roca Baluarte – a fort-like formation which has been converted to a beach resort.

Rizal Beach – about an hour from Legaspi in Sorsogon, pristine white sands beckon.


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