Cultural Attractions

Cagsawa Ruins – in 1814, Mayon Volcano erupted and sent lava flows cascading down its sides. The townspeople of Cagsawa fled to the church where they perished when it was engulfed in the fiery flows. Today, only the church tower remains as a memorial.

Daraga Church – an 18th century baroque church poised on a hill with commanding views of the sea and Mayon Volcano. Its stone masons suffused the facade with statuary, carvings, alcoves and niches at different levels.

Camalig Church – built entirely out of volcanic rocks it has a small museum which houses archeological artifacts extracted from local caves.

Budiao Ruins – like Cagsawa, this town is thought to have been destroyed in the 1814 Mayon eruption.

Sinimbahan Ruins – The remains of a seaside church leveled by a tidal wave.

Japanese Garden – built by Japanese Peace Corps volunteers.


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