Camarines Norte Tourist Attractions

The most popular beach resort in the province is in Barangay Bagasbas, Daet! The beach has a long and wide expanse of fine grey sand. During clear but windy days, the big waves that roll in from the Pacific ocean make it a paradise for surfing beginners and aficionados. It is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the country.

Unexplored and unspoiled, Calaguas Group of Islands boasts of white sand beaches comparable to the best beaches in the world inhabited by very hospitable and kind people. Calaguas Group of Islands can be considered as one of a kind in terms of natural beauty.

Scuba diver from Provincial Government of Camarines Norte as part of cleaning the coral reef of Camalasag Island, Banocboc, Calaguas Group of Islands, Vinzons Camarines Norte, which is a fish sanctuary and marine reservation area. A multi level water falls in Barangay Malatap, Labo which has the potential of both of tourist attraction and source of hydroelectric power of property developed.

This river is wide with clear and deep cold water, a nice place to wade in and explore. It is a very popular choice for swimming, excursions and picnics during summer

Two hour ride by bus from Daet and Paracale; frequented by picnic goers and swimmers; made a setting for a film; clean white sands and swimmingly safe cove; with cottages for rent.

Sinagtala resort is one of the most attractive resort in Camarines Norte situated along Matogdon River whose pristine and sparkling water leaves nothing to be desired.

The Colasi Falls in Colasi Mercedes is an aesthetic falls in the midst of the forest which could be reached through hiking. The falls has an approximate height of 70 ft. offering a good place for swimmer and nature lovers, because of its flashing blue cool water. About one hour ride by jeepney from Daet to Baronage Colasi and 3 hours hike from Colasi to the falls.

All noted scenic spots of the province cannot equal or surpass the Mananap Falls of San Vicente. Its distinctive beauty, its cascading crystal and its breathtaking panoramic view can hold spellbound tourist enthusiasts. It is approximately 2,000 feet above sea level.

A mystical waterfalls surrounded by rocky-wall type at the right green vegetation at the left side suited for family and friends picnicking in all seasons

This is a clean gray beach facing San Miguel Bay with clear water suitable for swimming and outings. Its scenic and peaceful ambience provide excursionist and tourists a n ice place fro relaxation. Cottages, restrooms, roadside eateries and sheds are available to tourists at reasonable prices here, you can broil capiz shell – a native delicacies.

The waves of the Pacific Ocean, soak into natural pools, paint the breathtaking seascape, dip into the calm turquoise waters of the sheltered west coast, go boating and island-hopping, frolic on the white sand beach, camp beneath the pines, hike uphill to the forest for bird watching or enjoy scenic views from the lighthouse, and sample the fresh catch at day’s end. Canimog Island. Unbelievably close

Known also as Malatap Rapids more or less 100 meters ahead from national road.

Located in the sprawling eco-tourism lot. Pineapple Island Resort has a water park, Y-shape man-made lagoon, fantasy laden pools, and awe-inspiring water slides with various levels. This water park is the only one of its kind in Bicol and very much suitable for family activities.


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