Camarines Norte Festivals

It is composed of inland and coastal barangays.The ricefields and rivers serves as a source of livelihood of the inhabitants. Durng the Spanish invasion, the place was named INDANG but the Spaniards found out that there was also a town in the Province of Cavite with the same name; they decided to remove G in Indang to make it different from that time until 1946 the town called INDAN


This is a week long celebration that give the people, guests and devotees glimpse of the past culture, customs, traditions and history of the gold town of Paracale. The festival also showcases the rich mining industry and gold products available in the municipality. The celebration is highlighted by various sports, dance and street dancing competitions, cultural presentations and the search for Ms. Paracale Beauty Pageant. “Pabirik” suggests the pan and procedure Paracale folk use in gold panning .

The Foundation Day of Camarines Norte is a week long celebration the day the province was separated as an independent province from Ambos Camarines on March 3, 1919 by virtue of Act 2809. The celebration is highlighted by various activities such as commemorative mass, civic military parade,travel fair, exhibits, sports festival and others.

This festival is highlighted by street dancing and agro-industrial fair in Capalonga which expresses the local folk’s gratitude for their town’s name etymology derived from the abundance of an ornamental plant called “rooster combs” or “palong manok” in the locality or “Capalongan” shorten to Capalonga. This is held also during the celebration of the Black Nazarene Feast Day on May 13.

Known as “Pinyasan”,the Pineapple Festival showcases the famous and sweetest queen pineapple of Formosa Pineapple that abundantly grown in the province. It also highlights features of the place, its people and culture. The venue for this festival is the capital town, Daet. It also consists of a variety activities for the whole month celebration.

This is a thanksgiving tradition in the 3rd largest fishing village in Bicol Region for the blessings and bounty granted by Almighty God during their seafaring, fishing expedition and fish farming venture. The festivity is highlighted by a mascot parade of fish and other marine creatures. It also featured marine sports such as paraw regatta, bangkaton, game fishing and lot more exciting events.


This is a month long celebration in the town of Labo. It features the richness of its history, culture and arts; the religiousity of the people; the concern for environment and many more. It depicts the folklore surrounding “Busing-on”, one of the major rivers of Labo.

This is a week long celebration consisting of various activities promoting the abundantly growing “Queen Formosa” pineapple in the municipality.

Ito ay nag-ugat sa salitang Mambulao, dating panglan ng Jose Panganiban, na ang ibig sabihin ay Ginto. Mambulawan Festival is a Dance for Gold. Ito ay isang sayaw ng pasasalamat sa yamang gintong patuloy na tinatamasa ng Jose Panganiban at nais naming ipagmalaki sa lahat ng dako.


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